Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Please be patient and check back in Febr
uary. I'm previewing the books, dvd's, website, and blog all at the SAME time, so I'm just getting started on this thang. Right now I'm dashing off to Sundance to tell the world about Down and Dirty DV, but I didn't want to leave you empty-handed. So here's a little bit to get you started and let you taste a little of the Down and Dirty DV flavor and feel the love.

Much more pix, rants, and articles to come your way...stay tuned.
Show me some love at anthony@downanddirtydv.com if you like what you see or have suggestions for the blog or website.

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What’s Down and Dirty DV all about?

In a nutshell the entire Down and Dirty DV project is designed to help guerilla DV filmmakers learn to maximize their resources, increase production value, and avoid the most common production mistakes that aspiring digital film
makers make. The project currently consists of:

-“Down and Dirty DV – Volume 1: Documentaries” Book (200 pgs.)
-“Down and Dirty DV – Volume 1: Documentaries” DVD (approx. 100 mins.)

What’s coming in the future?

Over the next year we will be adding:
-Video Podcast
(February 2006)
-Guerilla Workshops

-Private Consulting

-“Down and Dirty DV – Volume 2: Narratives”

-“Down and Dirty DV – Volume 3: Music Videos, Commercials, and Events”

Who's Behind Down and Dirty DV?

Me... Anthony Artis (a.k.a. "The Down and Dirty DV Don", a.k.a. "T-Ski the Digital Pimp" a.k.a. "Little Tony Baltimore") is the twisted mind behind Down and Dirty DV. I am currently the manger of NYU f
ilm school's Production Center and a 15-year veteran of low-budget film and video shoots on both coasts at all budget levels, all genres, and virtually all positions. Rather than a specialist, years of grimy shooting with no money transformed me into a production "generalist" who feels just as comfortable producing, directing, shooting , lighting, mixing audio, managing locations, doing Special FX make-up or hosting on-screen... The rest of the Down and Dirty DV fam is an informal network of my fellow independent film and digital hustlers, NYU film students, and industry professionals, mostly in the NYC area.

Is this a
commercial site?
Yes and No.
This blog, the upcoming podcast, and the tutorials at downanddirtydv.com are absolutely FREE for all to enjoy. Combined, these elements of the project will include about 10% of the material in the book and DVD and will be updated regularly. I started this website, because I love sharing information and teaching people about what I do, but doing it at this level requires more time commitment and money than I can afford to give away for free.

I've literally spent more than a year and a half working on this project, put my house on the line, and invested thousands of dollars of my son's college money to hire crew and shoot material for the Down and Dirty DV book/DVD and upcoming guerilla workshops.

So the bottom line is that this website, equipment rental, editor
s, DP's, and getting the word out all costs lots of mullah and if I don't eventually recoup that investment my wife will leave me and my son will be doomed to a life of ignorance and poverty (or maybe he'll be a male model since he's considerably more handsome than myself).

Either way, if you like the free content, you'll love the premium content, so support Down and Dirty DV by buying some products and help me and my wife recoup our investment, so I can stay married and this cute kid can go to college...

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