Friday, October 1, 2010

Ghetto Physics Exposes the REAL Pimps and Hoes of the World

Peep this intriguing trailer for the new film, Ghetto Physics from producer/writer/director team William Arntz and E. Raymond Brown who also did the film, What the Bleep Do We Know. It looks like an insightful examination of the games people play on a grand scale from an urban perspective. The tag line is "Who are the real pimps and real hoes?".

I have long been a political news junkie, not because I give much of a damn about any Democrat vs. Republican issue anymore (I think it's all a sucker's game), but because I'm thoroughly fascinated by the level of "pimp game" that's put down in politics. It is a sheer high stakes chess game of moves and counter moves by men (and women) with HUGE balls.

For one example among many, I personally abhor Sarah Palin's politics and think she's unfit for national office, but am nevertheless a BIG fan of Sarah Palin's ultra-tight "pimp game".

I realize some people don't understand how you can not like someone, but still admire them, somehow. Coincidentally, I feel the same way about John Gotti, Don King and George W. Bush to name a few. It's just that I have a healthy respect for "the game"... an awe of certain players' mastery of the real rules that govern the world from the ghetto streets straight up to the White House. I agree with this doc's ghetto thesis that there are "pimps and hoes" at every level in the world.

And I think Sarah Palin is a master "pimp" (i.e. exploiter) in the BIG picture that so many people are overlooking... Understand this, her end game was never public office. It was always power and money. It's evident in her every action and result. Since losing her bid for national office and being put through the wringer by the media (rightfully so I think most of the time), how many people have taken notice that:
  • she is now commanding higher speaking fees than ever
  • has become a defacto leader in the Tea Party Movement
  • signed multi-million dollar reality tv and book deals
  • and has more power to sway national politics than ever before
...All while so many people hate her and the media has been non-stop skewering her...That's called "game".

We may not like it, but she played everyone like a fiddle. Right or wrong, she's played by the rules of the pimp game, pimped the Republican party, the national media, all her followers and reaped huge rewards and greater power all along the way. That's true Ghetto Physics. - No matter what messed up situation you're in, you find a way to exploit it to your advantage. And she's playing in an arena with many of the best pimps in the world - fellow politicians and political figures.

An episode of The Boondocks featuring caricatures of Al Sharpton and Ann Coulter backstage at a talk show sums up my point exactly. (See video below.) I've grown to realize that emotionally investing in us vs. them politics is a suckers game on both sides, because so few of the politicians are even invested in their causes themselves...they are invested in power and money. Period.

So I say kudos to Ghetto Physics for exposing the real pimp game on a grand scale. And that's all I have to say about that...

Boondocks Clip:
Why I Think Politics is a Suckers Game

(WARNING: Offensive Language)

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